Finding A Path

Matching up purpose, passion, and profit (still a work in progress)

I have had the pleasure of working at some great places, with great people, on some great things. Without revealing all the answers to those account reset questions, I hope to share with you my journey so far.

Things I Have Been Up To

I've been nerding it out for a while and I must say that from Nintendo controllers to Wifi on airplanes it has been a great ride. I have been afforded opportunities to where work and play are almost one in the same, and having worked in both industry and higher education, you certainly get to appreciate the differences in both worlds. Since finishing my master's degree at NC A&T State University (Aggie Pride!), a snapshot of what I have been doing:

  • Writing some code
  • Teaching some code
  • Running robotics summer camps for kids
  • Keeping technology working (or trying to)
  • PhD-ing it (glutton for punishment)
  • Enjoying Desert

A Few Accomplishments

While I would say I'm in the second quarter of my career, I have been able to put my efforts (had to do a pun) towards some things I believe in and enjoyed the process.

Working/Teaching/Living in Computer Science

From Helpdesk intern at IBM to a Software Engineer for a defense contractor to an IT Systems Analyst & Faculty member at my alma mater, it's been pretty eventful. I am truly thankful for the many challenges, colleagues, friends and memories I experienced along the way.

Grubbing in Greensboro

Some people eat to live, some live to eat. I enjoy discovering good eats in whatever town or city I happen to be in, and after spending many years in Greensboro for both school and work, I have certainly taken down my fair share of sandwhiches (have the body to prove it too). I hope to have a more elegant solution to listing my restaurant journey in the future but for now this list will just have to do.

Game Time!

What gets a lot of people into Computer Science or technology in general is of course gaming. From hooking up A/V cords to getting that TV on the right input to guessing how to squeeze out more FPS out of your PC rig, the push for the most fun from the best setups is the source of a lot of peoples money drain. Jordans or GeForce? That is the question...

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me! As a PhD candidate and faculty advisor I'm always interested in sharing my experiences and giving guidance to others, especially for those that are in the early stages of finding their path.